Maximizing the Economic Benefits of the Endless Frontier Act

The Endless Frontier Act was unveiled in May 2020 to, “solidify the United States’ leadership in scientific and technological innovation through increased investments in the discovery, creation, and commercialization of technology fields of the future.” These investments are vital to solving the world’s biggest challenges in climate, health, and computing. We should build upon this Act in order to ensure even more successful translation of breakthrough science. We have a series of suggestions to maximize its economic benefits and also scale-up the deployment of innovative technologies across the U.S.

We work with exceptionally ambitious founders who are going after the holy grails of what technology can do. They are working to commercialize fusion energy, to make personalized medicine accessible, to build the first software for quantum computers, to apply new techniques and materials to semiconductor manufacturing, and dozens of other pursuits.

These breakthroughs, if deployed here, could be transformational to the regional economic development of our communities and the US economy as a whole. To achieve this, we need to prioritize the focused support that the government can provide at the most critical junctures for Tough Tech companies. Those at the helms of these companies can benefit from more direct government partnership and programs that cater to the real challenges of scaling Tough Tech businesses — and by virtue of the foundational technologies they are pioneering, so can we all. 

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