Publication No. 5 – The AI Issue

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Artificial intelligence is a general purpose technology with incredible possibilities. Its story winds through academic laboratories, halls of philosophy and mathematics, and our planet’s most significant industries. It touches our homes and even our bodies. It is everywhere and, as some predict, will become everything.

There are vital and vigorous debates as to the societal, cultural, and moral implications of artificial intelligence. This publication largely sidesteps those conversations in favor of providing an overview of how AI has, and will, unbridle industries and technologies, namely those we call Tough Tech.

Think of it as a primer — providing context for the profusion of AI approaches, technologies, and businesses. How will AI help us develop new approaches to combat challenges like climate change, disease, and the limits of computing itself? What shape are these new Tough Technologies taking? This publication attempts to build a common understanding of AI in an effort to answer these questions.