Publication No. 7 – Transformation

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How can we shape the future?

As investors, scientists, engineers, and humans, it is that question that drives us to push forward, to get as smart as we can as quickly as we can so, with any luck, we can help make a difference.

This publication examines three industrial sectors: semiconductors, the built environment and energy, and the critical role that they will play as the future of our planet unfolds. It examines these sectors at a unique point in U.S. history — we are amidst a global pandemic that has killed millions and wounded international supply chains, we have recently ushered in a new administration during a period of profound public skepticism and mistrust, we are witnessing a once-in-a-generation investment in technological infrastructure, and, above all, we are living surrounded by a climate in crisis, the effects of which will impact the fates of every living thing. To quote Margaret Atwood, “It’s not climate change, it’s everything change.”

Yet we remain optimistic. We are in the privileged position to see our country’s — and our globe’s — best minds at work translating Tough Tech solutions into foundational companies.

We watch as more public and private capital flows into these efforts than ever before. There is real opportunity to reshape some of our most complex industries for the better, an opportunity to make change on behalf of future generations.

The challenges ahead of us are massive, which is why it is so important, now more than ever, to understand the collection of people and systems that will help us solve them. This publication does not pretend to hold all of the answers. It does, however, showcase some of the people, technologies, and organizations doing their best work to find them. We hope it sparks meaningful conversation and that you will reach out with thoughts and ideas of your own.