The Engine Room

From costly equipment to specialized labs, we ensure Tough Tech founders have seamless access to the resources they need to continue their work efficiently and economically.

The Engine Room is a network of mission-critical resources for our founders. We ensure the teams we support have access to the resources they need to deliver on their dreams with efficiency.

Does the mission of The Engine Room resonate with you? Would you like to share your space, equipment, or resources with The Engine? Please contact Emily.

We provide access to Bio, Chem, and Maker Labs at 501 Mass Ave under the management of our Operating partner LabCentral.

The Engine Room accelerates breakthroughs by:

  • Reducing the time it takes to access resources
  • Ensuring that startups retain their intellectual property
  • Improving their visibility in the scientific and investment communities
  • Reducing the cost to mature ideas

The Engine Room’s first participating partners are:

  • Lab Central
  • The Broad Institute
  • Lincoln Laboratory
  • Center for Nanoscale Systems
  • Microsystems Technology Laboratories
  • Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
  • Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center