The Engine Fund

We prioritize breakthrough ideas over early returns by providing long-term capital to Tough Tech startups. Some companies need a longer timeframe in order to grow and make an impact.

The Engine Fund is an early-stage investor in Tough Tech companies. Through our investments, we provide the capital necessary to achieve meaningful milestones. We’re focused on two vital stages in the life of a Tough Tech startup: the early “proof of product” stage, when entrepreneurs initially bring their novel idea to life, and the stage when they begin to scale up to commercial production.

Tough Tech can mean a lot of things. Although we have broken it down into a set of categories, we believe great founders have unique perspectives into markets and technologies, which do not fit neatly into pre-defined verticals.

When The Engine invests, the founders get more than capital. The Engine provides a physical space, designed for ideas to take shape and be executed. We link entrepreneurs to other forms of capital who share their vision of addressing big challenges with equally big solutions. Our community of founders is a group of kindred spirits. Together, they will experience the highs, lows, triumphs, and deep challenges of entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in being funded by The Engine, start the conversation through our application page.