The Engine Fund

The Engine Fund prioritizes breakthrough ideas that take time to bring to life. It invests long-term capital in those startups that show the greatest potential to make an impact.

The fund is deeply invested in the people at the core of these transformative startups. It provides founders with entrepreneurial knowledge, first-hand expertise, inspiration, and guidance to support their transition from technical pioneer to company leader.

As an early-stage investor, The Engine Fund is focused on two milestones in the life of a Tough Tech startup:

–  Defining product-market fit; the stage when entrepreneurs first bring their idea to life

–  The stage in which the startup begins to scale up to commercial production

All of the companies in which we invest have a novel and differentiated scientific understanding or engineering solution. This often appears in the convergence of multiple disciplines. They also have a founding team with the leadership potential to grow and lead an iconic company; an authentic connection to the company they are building; and an unstoppable drive to realize their vision.

Leadership & Company Development

Navigating the transition from a technical pioneer to a founder and, ultimately, a company leader is daunting. Providing entrepreneurial knowledge, expertise, inspiration, and guidance, can help new founders successfully navigate these dynamic times.

Through events, work sessions, and expert advice, The Engine Fund team also works to link startups and founders with other forms of capital that share similar visions and goals. Founders at The Engine are a group of kindred spirits. Together, they will experience the highs, lows, triumphs, and deep challenges of entrepreneurship.